Kofnorm- for Cough and Cold

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This product is in kashaya form and is the best solution for Cough and Cold. It gives immediate relief and promotes faster recovery. It is also an excellent and quick solution for sore throat. This natural and authentic ayurvedic formulation can be a great remedy.


100ml, 200ml

9 reviews for Kofnorm- for Cough and Cold

  1. Rajiv

    Very Effective.

  2. Rishi singh

    Very good cough syrup

  3. Swathi Bhandary

    Kofnorm worked wonders for my cough and cold! Swift relief and soothing warmth made all the difference. A must-have in every household for a quick recovery

  4. mohd ahaan

    Helped to get relief for my cough.

  5. Dr. Sandhya Patil

    Highly efficient for allergies, quite pleasing in terms of taste, and provides rapid relief

  6. Kumar Jain

    Value of money

  7. bhaskar Kamath

    Kofnorm Kashaya is amazing! Tastes good quick relief from cough and cold.

  8. Shivangi Grover

    I am truly grateful for the incredible relief I experienced with Kofnorm Kashaya. As someone who has struggled with persistent coughs and colds, finding a natural and effective solution has been a game changer for me. This Ayurvedic Kashaya not only tastes great but also offers quick and noticeable relief. I highly recommend Kofnorm Kashaya to anyone seeking a holistic approach to cough and cold relief. It has become my go-to remedy, and I can confidently say it has made a significant difference in my well-being

  9. Sourav Shettigar

    Whenever I have a cough, I used to rely on my grandmother’s homemade trusted kashaya. Now, being far from home, I miss it a lot. I don’t have time to make it myself. Luckily, when i was finding for Kashaya I found Kofnorm product which is like a kashaya. It actually helped with my cough.

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